Newsletter 3 — 2 Comments

  1. Is there a full list of graves in the cemetery please?
    I was born in Redcar, and would like to find the grave of William Henry Richardson, a local musician and music teacher who died around 1951. His gravestone has musical notation I believe.
    Thank you,
    Paul Ripley

    • Hi Paul, I must apologise about not getting back to you before, it is very difficult to get the messages off the site as there is so much spam on it. I have not been able to find Mr Richardson’s grave, I thought it would be in the middle section as this was started in 1946 we only have the records of the old section and it isn’t there. What you could do is to contact Iain Dixon at Guisborough he has all the records tel 01287635426 he will send you a map where it is If you want help to find the headstone we will meet you and help you when you get the location, please contact me Dot Ahmed (Friends)